The Real Planet's Case

The Real Planet's Case

When a planet is considered as a blackbody's properties celestial body we are having very confusing results.

A real planet, not a theoretical one, but a real planet "in flesh and blood" is very much different from a blackbody's properties celestial object.

The Real Planet's Surface Properties:

1. The planet's surface has not an infinitive conductivity. Right the opposite takes place. The planet's surface conductivity is very small, when compared with the solar irradiation intensity and the planet's surface infrared emissivity intensity.

2. The planet's surface has thermal behavior properties. The planet's surface has a specific heat, cp.

3. The incident on the planet solar irradiation does not being distributed instantly and evenly on the entire planet's surface area.

4. Planet does not accept the entire solar irradiation incident in planet's direction.

Planet accepts only a small fraction of the incoming solar irradiation.

This happens because of the planet's albedo "a", and because of the planet's smooth and spherical surface reflecting qualities, which we refer to as "the planet's solar irradiation accepting factor Φ".

Planet reflects the (1 - Φ + Φ*a)S part of the incident on the planet's surface solar irradiation.

Here "a" is the planet's average albedo and "Φ" is the planet's solar irradiation accepting factor.

S - is the solar flux at the top of the atmosphere

For smooth planet without thick atmosphere, Earth included,


5. Planet's surface has not a constant intensity solar irradiation effect. Planet's surface rotates under the solar flux.

This phenomenon is decisive for the planet's surface infrared emittance distribution.

The real planet's surface infrared radiation emittance distribution intensity is a planet's rotational spin dependent physical phenomenon.

By realizing that we proceed with the PLANET ROTATIONAL WARMING PHENOMENON. 


  The faster a planet rotates (n2>n1) the higher is the planet’s average (mean) temperature T↑mean:

Tmin↑→ Tmean Tmax